Things are always changing….

We’ve got the 2nd class of Financial Peace University at home under our belt now.    Last week I started the DVD while hubby looked for farm equipment online (he was in the same room and he joined me about 15 minutes in).   I did our Quickie Budget (last week’s homework assignment) and asked him if he wanted to look at it.   He did!!  Folks, that is Progress!!   He actually wasn’t terribly surprised by any of it.  We are throwing a bit more at debt than he realized and he was alarmed at first (thinking we were paying mostly minimums).  I went over the minimums, then the payments we are actually making and he was good.    We watched the 2nd class on relating with money.   I don’t know that there will be huge changes in how we do things specifically with the budget or bill paying.  Our budget isn’t going to change much because our end goal is the same and we want to get out of debt.   I am really wanting to up our “debt snowball’ amount by 10-15% but since I haven’t figured out where we can pull it from it is probably a moot point right now.  

After having a bit of discussion about our family budget, we actually discussed the farm budget a bit.  We are in the expensive part of the farm year and the income part of the year is still a few months off.   I gave some input but I don’t know how much help I was, comparing farm expenses & all the variables associated with them are much more difficult than any part of our family budget.  We are just working to our strengths and there is no doubt that a definite strength for both of us is supporting each other.  We are going to make sure we are doing just that. 

I’ll try to get a December Debt Update up soon (I need to get the numbers run) & I’m working on a 2012 Financial Goals Update (we’ve got some steps in place & made progress in other areas).

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