House Planning

I love long car trips.  Doesn’t everyone?  Long car trips are the perfect for planning goals and looking at the future.   We recently went to hubby’s parents’ house to celebrate Christmas.  We already had our 2012 goals worked out so we spent some talking about how we’d reach them.   We’ve got our timetable down for getting out of debt and we’ve got plans in place to make that happen.   We spent more time talking about the FUN goal for us – the house building. 

We are pushing ourselves to make things happen so that we are in position to build Spring of 2013.   We’ll start narrowing down our choices now for house plans so that we can get building estimates on a couple.   We’ve got a contractor/builder friend that will show us what we can save by doing a lot of the work ourselves.   (Hubby has a pretty good bit of building experience.  He built his workshop {with only my help} and our 400 sq ft home addition {with the help of an uncle for the sheet rock}).   We already know our top number on the house payment because it our current “debt snowball” amount.  We won’t go over that amount so if our building estimates go over (we’ll figure the total cost to build with a slightly higher than avg to get a monthly total) we’ll head back to the drawing board.   And yes, I know that Dave Ramsey says that only broke people worry about how much something costs per month and not how much it cost overall.  We are concerned about the overall cost but knowing that we already have a pretty good concrete number in place we figure we’ll shoot for us and come down from there. 

Hubby has been researching basement building, drains, waterproofing and all that other fun man stuff.  We’ve got lots of fun plans and a lot of hard work ahead of us.  We are both motivated to work harder to get the debt paid off as quickly as we can.  

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