Welcome to 2012 – Confessions

Welcome to 2012!!

First Confession of the Year – I haven’t looked at the checkbook since I ran out of room in my checkbook register at the beginning of December. 

Second Confession of the Year – It is has been several months since I’ve looked at our budget (or given it a thought at all).

December is one of those free for all kind of months around here.  I have checked our online banking a couple of times a week to make sure we hadn’t run off into a ditch somewhere.  We’ve managed to stay out of the ditch, despite our month of winging it but we haven’t made a whole lot of progress.  

Christmas spending was good.  We kept our gifts cost down by making some, buying others when they were really cheap, buying preowned & using gift cards earned on Swagbucks for other gifts.   We said “No” to a lot of our normal holiday obligations and spent more time focused on doing little fun things with the kids. 

It is time now to put all that behind us.  We had a sluggish month with the finances and we can’t let that become our new normal.   I need to sit down with the checkbook and get it straightened out.  I need to sit down with the budget and get the next week and the next month figured out before we dive into it without a plan. 

Coming soon – Financial Goals for 2012.

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2 Responses to Welcome to 2012 – Confessions

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to read your financial goals!! I love financial goals cuz they so much about people and I’m nosey!! I’m looking forward to blogging mine next week!!

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