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2012 Financial Goals January Update

Are you wondering how we are doing with our financial goals this year??? Yep, I am too!  I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the specifics but I know we have been making progress.  Our 2012 Goals … Continue reading

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We are getting cheap…or cheaper…

No, really.  I do cheap well and I did cheap for years when it wasn’t a necessity.   I’ve decided now that all the cheap stuff I did in college and our early married years were really good practice for this last (!!!) year of … Continue reading

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Lessons from Murphy…

I decided long ago that we would never be fully done with this journey until we had learned everything we were supposed to while we were on it.   God showed us from the very beginning that we had plenty to learn and … Continue reading

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If you haven’t seen Murphy in a while…

Don’t be too worried about him. He is fine, he is here with us, he has made himself comfortable and is refusing to leave.  Apparently, he heard we were motivated and making progress so he is prepared to stay for … Continue reading

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What we’re reading these days…

I’ll admit that despite my intense desire to be debt free, I still occasionally get the urge for a little retail therapy (and one of those urges presented itself the other day when I found that sweet Lala needed glasses … Continue reading

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Giving the kids a little ownership in the dream…

A big change has happened in this house since hubby and I officially decided that we were close enough to being debt free to start planning to build the home we have dreamed of for years (and years and years and … Continue reading

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Please don’t think I’m weird if…

Please don’t think I’m weird if I come into your house with a measuring tape and measure your ceilings, your laundry room, your bathrooms and your dormers.  That isn’t unusual is it???  Hubby and I really should have decided to … Continue reading

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This week’s money saving tip is brought to you by the DELETE button…

Seriously!  I have noticed lately that the most powerful money-saving tool I have at my disposal is the delete button in my email inbox.  I am signed up for every deal site known to man and every morning my inbox fills … Continue reading

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And the house spending begins…

So last week I posted that we decided to start our house planning.  We want to be ready to build within a few months of becoming debt free so we are starting the planning process now with the hopes that we’ll … Continue reading

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Tempting…. So Very Tempting….

I posted our 2012 Financial Goals last week and I included a couple of goals at the bottom that we were taking care of quickly.   One of those quick goals  –  Rebuilding & Maintaining our Emergency Fund – the maintaining is the real … Continue reading

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