In case anyone is concerned that I am going naked or nearly naked… An Update on my $40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe

A while back, I unveiled my plan to rebuild my fall/winter wardrobe on $40.   I started the season with plenty of jeans, a black corduroy skirt (too big), a long dark blue denim skirt, a couple of shirts and a couple of sweaters (too big).   I added 3 pieces to my wardrobe with my 1st trip to my favorite store (aka – the thrift store) for $8.71.   After a few weeks, I hit the consignment sales for the kids, then I started focusing on Christmas and I just didn’t do any shopping for me.  

I grabbed a $9 sweater at Walmart at the first of the month because I needed something quick for a nice dinner conference with hubby. 

Last week I finally had a chance to stop in my favorite store and shop for a little while.  I had all 4 kids with me so I had about 17 seconds to flip through the ladies section (all while the monkey continually tried to talk to the very impatient lady behind us & little man tried to pick out bras for me “mom what about this green one?!!!” ).   They were having a 15 minute sale in the ladies section and everything was 50% off.  I quickly grabbed a few shirts and left.  I wasn’t going to press my luck by trying them on in the dressing room.  After trying the shirts on at home, I’m keeping 2 and the 3rd is going back.  

Gap Gray & White Striped Hooded Sweater $1.94 and George Organic Cotton Black long sleeve tee $.99.   The Gap Sweater had been washed a little more but it is so soft and so comfy on.  The George shirt has no fading and the inside is so soft.   The 3rd shirt is shown in the picture but it has already gone back.  I was too short & the color was too wrong.  It never should have made it out of the store (that is what shopping with 4 hungry kids will do for you). 

I’ve spent $20.64 to this point on my Fall/Winter wardrobe and its the end of December.  It will start warming up here in March (provided it ever gets cold for more than a few days at a time) so I’ve got a little less than $20 to last me another 2-3 months.

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1 Response to In case anyone is concerned that I am going naked or nearly naked… An Update on my $40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe

  1. Congrats! You are very brave even trying to shop with the four kids, and then you actually found some thing! I am impressed!

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