Dumping the excess… Week 3 Update

I have been working towards dumping some of the excess in our house before all the new stuff that comes with Christmas attacks us.  All the general busyness of the season has kept me from making a good deal of progress in any major area.  I’ve got a couple more bags to go.  I do have a lot of summer clothes pulled and ready to be tagged for consignment in March. 

I got rid of 5 kitchen trash bags (1/4 of my 20 bag goal).  I am still working today.  Little man & the monkey’s room is on today’s list.  I need to be able to fit Little man’s Christmas present in there.  We are also going to finally move out the baby bed and bring in a toddler bed for the monkey. 

Now I am off to finish the house…

Next week I will finally have another update to my $40 Winter Wardrobe Challenge.

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