Saving on Christmas Gifts… Teacher’s Gifts

I really like giving gifts.  Surprisingly enough our journey out of debt has made gift giving easier for me! Instead of focusing on what we could afford to buy for people I started looking for ways to show love and appreciation through the gifts we give. 

For teachers gifts this year I went with practical.  Our teachers spend a lot of their money on school supplies every year and the donated stash of supplies start to run out mid year.  In October, I picked up clearance notebooks (.25) and decorative paperclips (1.00).   I wrapped a cardboard box with wrapping paper put in a sheet of tissue paper and started filling it. 

I did a box for each of the girls’ teachers.  The boxes include a pack of copy paper ($2.77), 2 packs of notebook paper (.82 each), 2 notebooks (.25 each), pencils ($1.04), post it notes ($1.77), 2 packs of cute paper clips ($1.00 each) & hand sanitizer ($1.00).   $10.72 for each gift.  I could have done it for less by leaving out the copy paper but it was on the school supply list for the beginning of the year and I couldn’t find any then so I bought it for Christmas instead. 

I decorated the clearance notebooks with patterned duck tape (my new favorite thing in the world!!) & a scrapbook flower.  Lilo’s teacher loved them and said she’ll use the notebooks for one of her college classes next semester! 

I decorated dollar tree hand sanitizer by removing the label and wrapping a piece of duck tape around it.  I added the teacher’s name with scrapbook stickers from my stash and then attached a small flower above the name.   At least now the bottle will look cute on their desks. 

On a side note, Lilo is a budding entrepreneur.  She has already asked me to buy lots of extra notebooks when they go on clearance next year so that she can duck tape them and sell them to her friends.   I’m doing a couple of notebooks for Lilo & Lala for Christmas too.  They fell in love with them!

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2 Responses to Saving on Christmas Gifts… Teacher’s Gifts

  1. Great Idea! I especially love the way you decorated the hand sanitizer bottle. I bet those teachers will be refilling that cute bottle until it wears out!

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