Struggling with things…

I’ll admit I tend to struggle some alot around Christmas with wanting to do “things”.  There are so many amazing things that are fun this time of year and like it or not I’ll get to see many of my friends doing it all on Facebook.   It is probably one of the biggest places I struggle, I want to be able to do all those things with my kids.  I’d love to give my kids Mickey pjs for Christmas and let them know we leave for Disney in an hour.  I’d love to do the Polar Express at the Railway in the Mountains.  I’d love to do New Year’s Eve with the kids in the town where we honeymooned.  I’d love to buy hubby the 50 inch tv that he doesn’t want me to know that he drools over.  The list goes on and on…

I struggle, I really struggle… I’d love to plunk down a credit card and deal with it later.   The reality is that we are still dealing with too many Christmases past.   Full disclosure here we are probably still paying at least a little bit on Lilo’s first Christmas 9 years ago.    

When I start seeing all the amazing things, the ones that I know my kids would love, I remind myself that we may not be doing things on a grand scale but we are making memories and cherishing new-found traditions with our kids.  We are fighting the “want tos” with our dreams and our unwillingness to compromise them for what we want right now.  

No, I don’t have it all figured out, I’ll have to re read that last paragraph again many, many times before we get through this season.

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3 Responses to Struggling with things…

  1. You’re doing awesome, Laney! Don’t get discouraged. Staying on track, as I know you know, feels so much better than Disney! Curled up with your family, peacefully enjoying the blessing of together is the Happiest Place on Earth!

  2. Elly says:

    I am totally with you on this one. Its not so much the presents that get to me, but the experiences that I wish I could afford to have with my children. We, too, are really trying to stay focused and pay off our debts but man does a vacation sound great right about now! Thank you for being so honest about your struggles. I really enjoy reading your blog – it’s encouraging to see someone going through the same things as I am!

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