I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

I like plans and I like challenges.  Challenges motivate me and right now I am all kinds of motivated.  After doing our December Debt Update, I ran the numbers to see exactly how many dollars were standing between us and the 50% mark (50% of our debt gone).

We are our regular snowball payment amount + $500.22 away from 50%.   Is it confusing the way I put that??  We have to make all of our regular payments for December plus an additional $500.22.   Obviously all the normal payments are planned for and will be made. I just need to find an extra $500.22 to throw at our debt this month.   I’d love to hit the point in this journey where we can say officially that we’ve paid more than we have left. 

We’ll be tightening the spending even more this month.   I know its December,  I think I only have a couple more presents to buy for little man and one more for the monkey.   I’ll be doing easy meals with just a few ingredients to cut out extra grocery spending.  I’m going to continue to go through the house and get rid of the stuff we don’t need and hopefully bring in some extra money that we can apply to our debt.

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1 Response to I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

  1. ihavetriedit says:

    I’ve been looking for stuff to get rid of lately, too! Good luck.

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