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Attitude really is Everything…

We’ve been on this journey out of debt for a while because when you try to half do it, it takes longer, a lot longer.   Even when you are giving it your all (or most of your all – I’ve already … Continue reading

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In case anyone is concerned that I am going naked or nearly naked… An Update on my $40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe

A while back, I unveiled my plan to rebuild my fall/winter wardrobe on $40.   I started the season with plenty of jeans, a black corduroy skirt (too big), a long dark blue denim skirt, a couple of shirts and a couple … Continue reading

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Dumping the excess… Week 3 Update

I have been working towards dumping some of the excess in our house before all the new stuff that comes with Christmas attacks us.  All the general busyness of the season has kept me from making a good deal of progress in … Continue reading

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Saving on Christmas Gifts… Teacher’s Gifts

I really like giving gifts.  Surprisingly enough our journey out of debt has made gift giving easier for me! Instead of focusing on what we could afford to buy for people I started looking for ways to show love and … Continue reading

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Struggling with things…

I’ll admit I tend to struggle some alot around Christmas with wanting to do “things”.  There are so many amazing things that are fun this time of year and like it or not I’ll get to see many of my friends doing it … Continue reading

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Dumping the Excess – Week 2 Update

I decided a couple of weeks ago that we need clear out a lot of stuff before Christmas hits our house.  At the end of Week 1 and I hadn’t managed to accomplish much.  At the end of Week 2,  I … Continue reading

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I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

I like plans and I like challenges.  Challenges motivate me and right now I am all kinds of motivated.  After doing our December Debt Update, I ran the numbers to see exactly how many dollars were standing between us and … Continue reading

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Debt Update – December

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again (many, many times) despite our best laid plans we just can’t seem to stop life from happening around here.   When life happens here it usually means great plans go out the … Continue reading

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