Do you ever have those weeks???

I am having one of those weeks.  I’ve ignored the checkbook and haven’t even tried to look at our online banking.  There hasn’t been any serious financial misbehavior but what we started with this week just hasn’t been enough to go around.  Paychecks that are 12 hours short tend to throw our budget into a bit of a tailspin. 

So its been one of those weeks that I ignore the checkbook and hope for the best, I know very mature way of dealing with it.  I’ve taken care of the “have tos” this week and I’ll focus on playing catch up at the end of the week. 

I’m planning to be a grown up later today.  I’m going to pull out the checkbook, go over our online stuff and get everything back in order.  I’ll start planning for next week and put this week behind us.  I’ll focus on life at the end of this journey when our money hasn’t already been spent when we get it and when a short week won’t mess us up quite so bad.  I can taste the freedom already!

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