Third Thursday Blog Hop: 5 Things We’re Living Without So We Can Have More

Today’s Blog Hop topic is to share 5 things we’re living without so we can have more.  It’s based upon the Hearts at Home book Living With Less So Your Family Has More.


Our 5: 

New Electronics – We have no ipods, ipads, kindles, nooks or smartphones.  Hubby and I have a couple of very basic cell phones with basic plans (we did just add 250 texts a month to our plan). 

New Clothes – Our clothes come from consignment sales and thrift stores.  I sell the clothes from the last season to make money to but the next season’s clothes.  We are patient when we have clothing needs and make do when we can’t find exactly what we are looking for.   We have learned to anticipate our clothing needs over time and learned to buy ahead with that in mind. 

Cable & Big TVs –  We don’t have cable and we don’t have any large TVs.  We are huge football fans (so football season is the only time we ever whine about it) but on Saturday afternoons we sit across the room and watch games on our 10-year-old 27 inch tv (a Christmas present from hubby’s parents).  We miss plays when the reception fades in and out.  We get closer to the TV if we want to see replays better.  We don’t love it but we deal with it and we are grateful for the money it saves us.   

More Room – Our family of 6 lives in an older trailer that is less than 900 square feet.  We’d love to have more room and we are saving towards that goal but for now living in less space means that if something happened with hubby’s job our home wouldn’t be lost. 

Lots of Gifts – Several years ago, we realized that we really weren’t doing our kids any favors by buying piles and piles of gifts for every holiday (we were attempting to get rid of the guilt of not getting them really expensive stuff).  We went to 3 gifts for Christmas and 2 gifts for birthdays and a lot of those gifts are 2nd hand.  Our kids have learned that holidays and birthdays are about more than giving gifts.  This year we are cutting costs back more so that we can give to those in need more than we have in the past. 

We are always evaluating what we have and what we spend money on to see if there are new areas that we can cut to give our family more.  More time with us and with each other and more appreciation for all the blessing in our life, seen and unseen.

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7 Responses to Third Thursday Blog Hop: 5 Things We’re Living Without So We Can Have More

  1. I am lucky that my hubby and I can afford some things like a new TV now. However, one of the reasons is because we are frugal. At our old house we never got cable because we could get all the Los Angeles stations, including two public stations, with the antena. Now we live in an area surrounded by hills so we have the basic cable package and nothing more. Really, we watch enough TV as it is!!! I just bought myself a new top yesterday, $3 at the thrift store. Our now adult girls only get the big stuff at Christmas and their birthday(and around here most everything except jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, underwear and a coat is big stuff) . We only supply these neccesities because they are still in school. It was that way when they were young as well. I am happy to report that both are pretty frugal now that they are adults. So, these frugal habits you are putting in place now will serve you and your children well for the rest of your lives. Good luck!

  2. Mandy says:

    Thanks for linking up and sharing! I love your priorities~ I am finding that my kids are learning to value things that are intangible and are definitely affected by the choices we make in our giving, spending etc, and I love seeing that! Have a great weekend!

  3. Laura says:

    I have a friend with 7 kids and 1000 square feet of space. She is incredibly organized, good at not having clutter and her house is always full and happy. I imagine yours is too. Love your priorities.

  4. Visiting from the HAH blog hop. You are wise to always be evaluating, and it feels good to be “free” not to have to worry about the “what if’s” … Consignment stores are a great resource.

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