Consignment Sale Wrap Up – 2nd Fall Sale

Yesterday was Pick Up Day the smaller consignment sale.   I’ve got my stuff back & my money and I still haven’t decided what I think about the sale yet.

I ended up with 130 items at the sale and I had 75 items left.  So I didn’t even get rid of half my stuff.  I averaged about $1.55 per item which is better than if I’d tried to deal with a yard sale but I generally average a little higher than that. 

I’ve still got some nice stuff left.  I’ll likely try to sell some online and there is a possibility that I’ll try a couple of local consignments shops but truthfully I don’t really like either of them (and rarely make more than $10-$15 a month when I have my stuff there). 

The Money : $85

$85 is good money but I’ll admit to being a little disappointed with the total.  I had been hoping for about $150 and a lot less stuff but it is what it is.  I have less stuff and I have $85 that I didn’t have last week.   $85 will still make a nice size extra payment on one of credit cards and it will get us a little closer to being debt free. 

Between the two sales, I’ve made $655.62 on the kids outgrown clothes and spent $125.50 on clothes that fit them now and some clothes that will fit them later.  I definitely came out ahead.

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