And then there are those weeks…. when we eat at Arby’s more than we eat at home.

Welcome to one of those weeks in this house.   We ate at Arby’s Monday night and Tuesday night.  We’ll probably eat there Thursday night and there is pretty good possibility that we’ll eat there Friday night too. 

I know that now everybody is asking what kind of Debt Freedom Program is that on?  Yep, it’s not.  We are in the middle of soccer tournaments this week – tournaments times 3.   Lilo, Lala & Little man all play soccer.  In the first 2 nights of the week, we’ve already had 4 games and we have at least 2 more scheduled.  We’ve made it all season long eating crock pot meals (that we really enjoy) as soon as we get finished with soccer practice and still manage to get everybody to bed at a decent time.  All three of the kids’ teams practice the same nights and the same time and even after we add 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back when can still get a nice, sit down around the table meal in.   That unfortunately goes out the window when tournaments start. 

Our league is very family friendly and they also schedule games so that they don’t interfere with traditional church times (they schedule nothing on Wednesday or Sunday).  Games are scheduled at 5:30 & 6:45 and with 3 kids playing most nights we have a kid playing at both times.  They have to be at the game 30 minutes before and we live 30 minutes away.  So when we have 5:30 game we leave the house by 4:30 and that is too early to eat supper.  Then when our last game finishes at 7:45 (assuming it ended on time) another 30 minutes back home and then even 15-20 minutes getting supper on the table gets the kids into bed late.  

Arby’s is obviously not the perfect solution to the problem.  We weren’t feeling like we had eaten if we just packed a sandwich and ate between games or on the sidelines during the game.  When we tried to eat at home as soon as we got in from games then we had to get the kids in bed right after they ate and then they’d wake up feeling yucky so that didn’t work out great either.   We finally settled on Arby’s as the solution for now.  There was also a method to us deciding on Arby’s.   We all like it, they have a good value menu, they have coupons & they have a rewards card.  By using the value menu, coupons and rewards we have been able to eat for $10-$15 a night (not to shabby for a family of 6!).   That gets all the kids a jr roast beef sandwich & fries (rewards card usually takes care of an order of fries or sandwich) and hubby & I get whatever sandwich we can get BOGO with a coupon plus fries and everybody drinks water. 

We knew this week would be coming.  We knew when tournaments started our schedule was going to be crazy and I wanted to make that we planned for the crazy.  I knew that when we started having 2 games a night we would eat out so instead of pretending like it wouldn’t happen and then be blindsided when it did happen I planned for it.  So for this one week I budgeted $50 for eating out.  Most of that $50 came from the grocery budget but we aren’t eating at home much this week anyway so that isn’t much of an issue. 

There you have it… We are eating out almost every night this week, we have planned for it but next week that money for eating out will be gone and we’ll be eating meals at home again (and life will be calmer because soccer season will be over – until Spring).

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