Mommy’s going shopping @ the kid’s consignment sale – Part 2 – 1/2 Price Day

Saturday was the last day of the Kid’s Consignment Sale 4 day sale.  All items not specially marked were 1/2 price and that means there are plenty of good deals.  

Again my first stop of the day was to the bank.  I got out $100 (I forgot that I said I’d take $40 plus an untouchable $30 for the ds lite) because I wanted to have enough to take care of some Christmas shopping too.  I also like to be able to shop ahead when the prices are low enough. 

I spent $86.50 and got 43 items.  My “strategy” was the same as the first day of the sale.  I went through the toys and shoes first (looking for rescue heroes, sketchers “twinkle toes” & the ds lite I was hoping to pick up for Lala).   After that I went through big girl clothes, little girl clothes and then clothes for little man.   Almost 2 and a half hours later, I was narrowing down my “hold” pile for the last time and adding everything up.  

I’m going by memory again on prices so I may or may not get this to add back up to $86.50. 

Christmas Presents –

Rescue Heroes and accessories for Little Man.  $16 for all

Dress Up Elmo for the Little Monkey. $2.50

Sketchers Twinkle Toes for Lilo.  $2.50

New Justice Fleece Hoodie for Lilo.  $4.00

Christmas Eve Pajamas for Little Man with no signs of wear. $2.50

I also got a Wilson Golf Game that will be our family gift from Santa for $2.50 and a soccer bracelet that will be a stocking stuffer for Lala for $1.00.   I got several things marked off the Christmas list today for $29.

Christmas Dress for the Monkey.  New with Tags (original retail $56) $5.00

With the regular stuff, I’ll just show the stuff for each kid.  This sale hasn’t been a great one for me to pick up stuff for Lala (you’ll see that from the pictures, that is one of the downsides of shopping thrift stores and consignments sometimes they have everything you’re looking for and sometimes there is nothing).

Since I’m talking about Lala’s lack of stuff I’ll post hers first.  Tommy Hilfiger Denim dress $2.00, Gap Hoodie $2.00, Izod 2pc Cord jumper dress $3.00,  Sweater & Jeans $1.50 & The Children’s Place Denim Skirt $2.50.

 Lilo’s stuff.  Pink Justice Long Sleeve $1.50, Old Navy Striped Fleece $2.50, Gap Burgundy Striped Shirt $2.00, Soccer Sweatshirt $1.00, Plaid Skirt with Black Jacket & tank $2.00, Justice Best Friend t-shirt $1.00.

Another quick bit information it is almost always easier to find stuff for little kids.  By Day 4 of the sale the racks of little kids’ stuff was still pretty full and had plenty of very cute stuff for very cheap. 

The Monkey’s stuff.  Gymboree velour hoodie & pants $1.50,  Austin & Ashley top & leggings $2.00, Carters Blue Scottie Dog Tee $1.00, The Childrens Place Panda Tee $1.00, The Childrens Place Tee $1.00 & Old Navy Tea Party Tee $.50.

 The Monkey’s Dresses.  Shabby But Chic Pink Dress $2.50, Baby Gap Purple & Pink Dots (for this spring/summer) $2.50 & Janie & Jack Pink Cord dress with ribbon belt $2.50.


 Little Man’s stuff (remember I only bought him one shirt the other day & I bought ahead some this trip).  Faded Glory Hoodie new with tags $1.00,  Carter’s Football Longsleeve $1.00, Route 66 Yellow & Burgundy button down shirt $1.oo, Hartstrings Orange Polo Style Shirt $1.50, Osh Kosh Hockey Hoodie $1.00.


More of Little Man’s stuff.  Carters Blue Plaid Shirt $1.oo, Cars PJs $1.50, Winchester Fleece Camo Pants (drawstring waist and a couple of sizes too big so he’ll wear them forever $1.50, Tommy Hilfiger red plaid shirt (I bought it for next year but he wore it yesterday so he’ll get a couple of years out of it) $1.50, Disney Store Buzz Lightyear Sweatshirt (it looks really faded but that is the color of the shirt) $1.50 & Disney Store Cars hoodie (doesn’t look like it’s ever been washed) $1.50.  

That is all of it!  I added everything up with the prices I remembered and came up to $85.50 so I’m off by $1 somewhere (I’m actually probably off by .50 on two different items – my guess is the Gymbo outfit for the monkey & the Tommy shirt for little man). 

That will be all of the major shopping I’ll do for kids’ clothing until spring.  I may pick up an item or two as I hit the thrift store but there won’t be anymore major spending.   I promise no more consignment posts until pickup day when I get my check.

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3 Responses to Mommy’s going shopping @ the kid’s consignment sale – Part 2 – 1/2 Price Day

  1. handsdelight says:

    Looks like you did really well.

  2. ihavetriedit says:

    Wow. You really know how to thrift-shop!

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