Mommy’s going shopping….. @ the kid’s consignment sale

Thanks to a little overtime on hubby’s check I was able to work a little extra into the budget for this week and used it to check out the new consignment sale.  I am a new contributor to this sale and I wanted to see how they ran it from the shopper’s point of view. 

This sale, as I’ve mentioned before is a smaller sale than I’m used too.  Probably less than 100 contributors & the larger sale I participate in during the Spring & Fall has nearly 3000 contributors. 

I was going to take pictures of the lines, the rooms and some stuff but that just made me feel like a stalker.  So you’ll only get pictures of what I bought…

My first stop of the morning was to the bank.  $40 later I was on my way, I got to the sale at 8:40 and had about 15-20 people in front of me.  By they opened the doors at 9:00, I had about 20 people behind me.   I hit the Toy & Shoe room first because boots are high on my girls’ wish lists.  I grabbed 4 pairs of boots, checked sizes and put 1 back.  After that I went to the clothes,  I go from oldest to youngest when shopping for the kids (unless one particular kid has a real specific need).  I grab anything that I am interested in and hang on to it.    Once I’ve been through all the sizes I need (with 4 kids to shop for and my 2 older “helper” underfoot it takes a little while) I go to my “holding” pile and add up everything in it.  The first time through my pile I had $56 in stuff.  Too much.   I had to start purging the pile so I pulled out a pair of boots, a hoodie for little man, 2 shirts for Lilo, 1 dress for Lala & an outfit for the monkey.   After that purge, I had $40 in stuff.  Success!   I put my unwanted stuff on the “discard” table and they immediately put it back out on the racks.  I had my tags taken off, I handed over my $40 and was out the door in an hour & twenty minutes. 

I tried to remember the prices on all my stuff but I may be off a little bit.  If all this doesn’t add up to $40 then just know I am going purely on memory (and I don’t think my brain ever fully engaged today). 

Little man really didn’t need much but I feel a little bit of mommy guilt if I don’t get something for him when I shop for the girls.  He has a short sleeve Gap shirt similar to this one and he is always talking about what the letters stand for (and it is always something different).  $2

Lilo’s stuff.  She is my picky girl and she loved everything! So I did good! Long sleeve, cream-colored henley $2, Sweater & Plaid Skirt (for church) $4, Alabama tee $3.

The monkey’s stuff.   She had a growth spurt after I bought her fall/winter clothes so I am filling in some holes in her closet.   The Children’s Place Dress $3, 2 Pairs of Old Navy Jeans $1 each, Carters shirt & pants $3.

Lala’s stuff.  She actually needs a few more shirts and a couple of pairs of jeans but I came up pretty empty for her.  Mustard Seed Snowman tee $1, Justice camo hooded tee $2 (this one got screams of excitement so it’s a winner).

Christmas Stuff.   I got a great set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books that we’ll give to Lilo for Christmas $1 each.  Perfect Condition! I am so excited about them!

These will either be part of Lala’s birthday present or part of Christmas for her.  They will also be met with screams of excitement.  Aren’t they cute!?!? $5

These will be Lilo’s boots and they will also be met with screams of excitement.  They were my big-ticket item at $6. 

I also got a bag of 16 pairs of Old Navy & Gap socks, tights & baby legs for $2 for the monkey.  I think only about 3 pairs of the socks actually looked like they had been worn. 

All of that for $40!  I saw several things that I’d like at half price, so I’ve already made plans to go back for Half Price Day on Saturday with my mom.   I’ll take another $40 and an untouchable $30 specifically for the DS lite that I’ll get for Lala if it is still there on Saturday (it was marked for discount). 

So the verdict on shopping the New Sale – even if my check isn’t great and I don’t end up consigning again, I’ll definitely shop with them again.

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One Response to Mommy’s going shopping….. @ the kid’s consignment sale

  1. Buying consignment makes so much sense – especially for growing kids. You found great items. I love the fuzzy boots for Lilo. I want the other ones with the heart-shaped hardware. Cute equestrian look!

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