Consignment Drop off

In the past several years, I’ve done a large massive consignment sale about an hour away.  I’ve done the Spring/Summer Sale and Fall/Winter Sale and have done very well getting rid of plenty of our excess and bringing in some extra money to apply to our debt.  It doesn’t come without effort though but it does end up being worth it once the check comes in. 

I heard about this smaller sale from a friend.  It is only about 30 minutes away and its a much shorter sale (3 days instead of 2 weeks for the other sale) but the drop off dates worked out well for me to use my leftover stuff from the big sale.  I figure anything is worth trying once so I signed up to consign and made an appointment to drop off my 100+ items for the sale.

Yesterday I posted my piles in process so today I’ve got a picture of the van completely loaded.  

I got to the drop off a little earlier than my appointment time of 12:45.  Drop off went smooth, even smoother than the large sale I do twice a year.  They go through the clothes and then put them on the right rack.   They handed me my pile of “go backs” (the stuff that has to go back home with me because of either a spot, fuzziness and a couple of things that I still can’t figure out what was wrong with them).  I signed my contract and I was out the door with a printed reminder that PayDay is next Wednesday.   This sale is a little closer than my normal sale and only took me about 35 minutes to get there (just as a point of reference it takes me 20-30 minutes to get to most grocery stores too). 

The sale will start on Wednesday, then go Thursday through Saturday with most stuff priced 50% off on Saturday.   I think I may have a chance to go shopping on without any little ones on Wednesday so I might do that so that I can also see how the run the actual sale part of the sale.  That along with my check at the end will determine if I do the sale again.

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4 Responses to Consignment Drop off

  1. ihavetriedit says:

    My mother-in-law seems to do well at consignment shops..I’ve never tried dropping off my old clothes. It’s a good idea though! I’m curious to see how you fare!

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