Chickens, Cows & Children- What’s in a Name?

How DO chickens pay the bills?  How ARE cows helping fund our dreams??   

Chickens – Chickens pay the bills – Hubby works for a large poultry producer, in maintenance and has for 9 years.  He has a physically demanding job and works 12 hour days but he likes what he does and for that I am incredibly thankful.  Without the chickens there would be no paycheck.   (Occasionally, it also looks like chickens have balanced the checkbook too).

Cows – Cows help fund our dreams – On our family farm, we raise cattle and have since my grandfather started it more than 50 years ago.   My grandparents bought the farm and at times had cows, pigs, goats, chickens and a few horses.  As they got older they decided that their limited energy would be better spent just raising cattle.   When hubby and I got married, we moved from the city to the farm so that hubby could manage and work the farm.  Over time we made more investments into equipment and cattle.  We are working towards a long-term goal (mentioned in this post) where hubby will be able to farm full-time.  For now, 80% of our farm profit is reinvested into the farm, 10% of our farm profit is used for our tithe & the remaining 10% is “paid” to hubby (most of the time it goes into house savings). 

Children – Children are the reason we do it all – Lilo is 9, Lala is 6, Little man is 4 & the monkey is 2.  We are finally “changing the family tree” and trying to show our children that debt doesn’t have to be a way of life.  We are trying to teach them that no matter your situation you can still set & reach goals in money and in life.

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One Response to Chickens, Cows & Children- What’s in a Name?

  1. artihi says:

    Great, unique post! This is my first day on WP and figured I’d read around. Your blog caught my eye being that I’m very close to a number of farms (near Lancaster, PA). I had a chuckle over the “chicken scratch” in your checkbook.

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