The day the house savings took a hit….

In this post I talked about how we started saving for our house.  I didn’t mention how that same savings account that we worked so hard to build had become a bit of an idol for me.  I took great pride in growing that account and making progress towards our goals.  Our house account was untouchable.  It didn’t matter how tight things were at home, the house account was never an option.  

It was time for another lesson on the journey….

Our air conditioner went out, mid May in the South it was not pretty.   We hoped for a cheap fix, something that could band aid until we could get the new house built.  There was no cheap fix, no fix at all.  We needed to replace the whole system (heat pump).  Our HVAC guy (trust him completely – he actually did our original system 12 years ago) could get us a good deal on new system (we also saved on some labor costs because hubby helped with the install) .   Our HVAC guy owns a small business so he doesn’t have financing & he doesn’t take credit cards.  If you want an air conditioning you pay cash (and mid May in the South it was already near 90 in the house).  

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we didn’t have the thousands that we needed to replace the heat pump just laying around.   I tried to come up with every way I could to find that money that we would need to replace it.  I knew there was only one place the money could come from… our untouchable, no matter what house account. 

I cried, it was my money and it already had plans! 

I went to the bank, withdrew the money and bought a shiny new heat pump 2 days before my birthday.  I cried somemore but I got past it.  I focused on the victory and the lesson learned.   Our air conditioner went out, we didn’t go further into debt to replace it, we paid for it and put it behind us.  It is not still dragging us down today and our house account is recovering from the hit.  We had an emergency but it wasn’t the end of the world.   I was also reminded that God provides all we have and he will provide for us even if we kick, scream and act like a two year old when he does it.

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