Consignment Sale Wrap up

Nearly 6 weeks ago, I loaded 400+ items into the mini van at 4:30 am.   I drove an hour to wait with a couple hundred other moms to do exactly the same thing – drop off our stuff for a huge Fall/Winter Consignment sale.  I wish I had taken pictures of my load (and I’m sure someone in the parking lot would have loved to have video of me as I tried to get all that stuff in the doors!). 

There are 3 or 4 days to drop off stuff, then a week or so of prep by volunteers for the sale & the sale is finally open.  Its open first to volunteers, then consignors (in order of drop off) & finally a few days into the sale it is open to the public. The sale runs for about 3 weeks and finally 6 weeks later is Pick Up Day!  

Admittedly I look forward to pick up day because I also pick up my check.  I never count on the consignment check and don’t budget based on it coming in.  I always make sure that it stays extra money.   As extra money I can immediately apply it to debt without trying to decide if there is a bigger need for it now or in the near future.  Being able to put a larger extra bit of money on our debt after the sale tends to give me an emotional boost going into the holidays.  It definitely keeps my “we can’t do what we want or buy what we want because we are in debt” whining down. 

 Last week I dropped my big 3 off at school and headed to town with my little monkey to pick up our leftover clothes and The Check!

This is what is left of the 400+ items I took. 

The Check –  $570.62

I am pleased with the amount.   I only had a brief moment of jealousy when I over heard another lady mention that she was disappointed with her check.  Her check was only $1836 and she had been expecting more.   Seriously??  Disappointed?? If my check had been for $1800 I would still be screaming!

I’ve already signed up to consign with a smaller sale in a couple of weeks so I’ll be getting the leftovers (& a few other things that have been pulled since drop off) ready for it.  I’ll do a post about that sale has the drop off date gets closer.

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6 Responses to Consignment Sale Wrap up

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  4. I really enjoy your site and am siging up to get email updates. When my two daughters were little I was a stay at home mom and my girls grew like weeds! 80-90% of their clothes were from thrift stores, garage sales, or were hand me downs. I think it is the only way to go, what ever your income may be!

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