$40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe Challenge

Last winter I spent a lot of time focused on losing weight and getting healthy.  I was able to drop 47 pounds (kept off 40 pounds) and 8 dress sizes.  By the time my weight loss got to a stable point winter was ending.  I cleaned out the closet in early spring and got rid of all the winter clothes that didn’t fit.  I had replaced my jeans as my size went down and I kept 1 skirt that was big but that I could make fit.  

Fast forward to this year it is starting to get a little chilly out and all my Saturdays (and several nights during the week) are spent on the soccer field.   I started looking for warmer clothes to wear and found out I didn’t really have any.  I had 2 pairs of jeans in my current size, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 sweater and 1 cord. skirt (all of the last 3 items are black).   I picked up a great long, dark denim skirt in the beginning of August but my side of the closet looks pitiful.  

When its cool out I alternate between my long sleeve black shirt & my long sleeve black sweater.  I wear either my jeans or my denim skirt depending on where I am going.  It is exciting to get dressed around here right now! 

I don’t have the desire to spend a lot of money rebuilding my Fall/Winter wardrobe.  There are just too many other places to put any extra money that comes up.   I decided to challenge myself to rebuild my Fall/Winter wardrobe for $40.   I don’t need shoes, boots jeans but I do need church skirts, tops that I can wear to work & church and a few warm tops for cold days.

My first trip out in the $40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe Challenge I came back with 3 pieces.

I got this Ann Taylor skirt for $2.09.  It really could have used a lint brush and iron before I took the picture but I don’t have time for all that.

I got this banded brown top for $1.74.  The clothesline doesn’t do anything for it.  It really looks much better on.

I got this Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $4.88 and I’m having a bit of buyers’ remorse because it was a lot of money for one sweater.  It is cute, I like it and it’ll be warm when it gets cooler so I’m trying to get past the nearly $5 I spent on it.  

Three items into my $40 Fall/Winter Wardrobe Challenge and I’ve Spent $8.71.

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