Getting out of Debt – How we give gifts – Hubby’s Birthday Edition

Our gift budget was one of those places that took a serious hit when we started working hard on our debt.   At the same time our gift budget took a nose dive the amount of people we had to buy for went up.  Birthday presents for us were the first to go with birthday gifts for other adults in our families going soon after.  We have preferred to keep gifts small & meaningful (and cheap). 

Last year for hubby’s birthday (after the kids insisted I get him something to open), I made up a cute gift bag full of his favorite snacks (Snickers, Mike-n-Ikes, Slim Jims and a few other treats) that don’t often make it into the grocery budget but stuff that he could use in his lunch for the next couple of weeks.  He enjoyed the gift and it cost about $5 because I bought most of it with ECB’s at CVS. 

This year I knew we would be at the beach on hubby’s birthday and we had both decided that the getaway would be gift enough for him.   

I changed the rules when I found a great Columbia Fleece jacket for him.   He was in need of a casual jacket that wasn’t work clothes (because his work clothes all tend to be pretty ragged) and this jacket was one that I knew he would love. 

For some reason this hideous jacket retails for $70.  I do not share hubby’s affection for Auburn so I have to buy this kind of stuff quickly or I’ll back out all together and it was an amazing jacket that he can really use.  I wouldn’t pay $70 for it whether we had debt or not. 😉  Ofcourse I wasn’t shopping in a retail price store either.  I was at my favorite store and this jacket in my hubby’s size & team was marked $14.88.  It wasn’t on sale either but I knew it wouldn’t last long.   I snatched it up, gave it a very thorough check and couldn’t even find any signs of wear. 

He loved it but he did give me the look, (the one that says you spent too much money on this) so I let him in on the secret.   It is washed up, hanging in the closet and he is hoping that Saturday will be cool and windy so he can wear it to the kids’ games.

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2 Responses to Getting out of Debt – How we give gifts – Hubby’s Birthday Edition

  1. joy at home says:

    How cool to find something so unique that your husband would truly appreciate … and at such a great price : )

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