Maybe I was just Ungrateful….

I think back often to the beginning of our journey into debt.  Well not the very beginning but the beginning when things were spiraling out of control.   Looking back I was a selfish, spoiled brat and if I wanted something I wanted it now.   Maybe it was a lack of maturity for me.  I never knew how to focus on finding happiness in the small blessings in life.   I think that has been the most meaningful lesson that God has used our fight to get out debt to teach me.  There are so many bleesings in my life but I have to open my eyes and keep from having my vision clouded by all my wants so I can see all that I already have. 

If you asked those closest to me if they thought I was a ungrateful brat, they would all say No even my hubby who has always worked so hard to provide for all my wants.  I can see it now and I’m still not always happy with our situation but I can look for the blessings in it and use them to grow and to find peace in the journey. 

Girls on the beach


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