Journey out of Debt – Where we want to be

Ultimately our goal of debt freedom isn’t about us being without debt forever. We aren’t shooting for a Zero FICO score or planning to pay for cash for everything for the rest of our lives. I am still trying to convince hubby that we can live our lives without having to finance a car again. Hopefully I will win him over on that one.

Our biggest goal is to build our home, our forever home. A home that we will build doing a lot of the work ourselves to keep the costs down. A home with room for our children with spaces that they can call their own. A home with more than one tiny bathroom. A home with a kitchen that will fit a table large enough to hold us all. A home where we serve God and continue to follow His will for our lives. A home where we don’t struggle to pay the bills because of our past mistakes.

Our second goal is for hubby to be able to quit his full time job and farm full time instead. To make that happen we need to make the farm as profitable as we can and we can’t do that with debt hanging over our heads. I’ll likely still need to return to work full time for a while to make sure we have a steady paycheck and insurance in the beginning of the transition.

We hope to be debt free with in a year and working on building our home in the next 18-24 months. We hope to be working towards bringing hubby to the farm full time in the next 3-5 years (this goal has considerably more outside influences than either of the other 2 do).

We are actively working towards all three goals right now. That will seem counter productive to some but for us its works – knowing that we are still saving for our home while we move closer to being debt free motivates us more.

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